Sweeten your dreams, relax your body, soften your heart, expand your mind. This Tennessee hemp infused tincture is clean and delicious. 

Sweet Tennessee Tincture / Sample Size

  • MCT Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, 2500mg Hemp Oil, Honey Rose Terpenes, Peach Flavor, Peppermint Essential Oil. 

  • We love this tincture for dreaming, day or night. Our unique flavor delivers an instant shift of energy. The Wild Intuitives journey with you in your dreams offering protection and clarity. If you struggle with intense dreams or nightmares give this potion a try! 

    For pain, head aches, or cramping take a full dropper under the tongue and allow yourself to rest. The perfect dose to unwind. This tincture helps pave the way towards relaxation before body work ( massage, accupuncture, yoga, reiki, ect ).