Malachite has been called "the mirror of the soul." A protection stone that helps cleanse and resolve blocks. A powerful heart mending stone that can help transform energy. It is said to help overcome fear of change and help sense danger. 


Obsidian also works as a looking glass. This stone help one see one's self hoenstly. Brings balance to the ego. Offers pyschic protection, grounding, and auric cleaning. 


Fluorite, small but mighty! Fluorite is known specifcally for EMF protetction, electromagnetic sensitivities. Another powerful protection stone. A purification stone for the mind, body, and soul. 



Protection Stones

  • These stones were hand selected in Asheville, NC. Asheville is a forcefield of energy that reveals truth. Each stone has been cleansed and activated with Reiki Rainbow Light. To keep your stones clean allow them to bathe in sunlight or moonlight. You can also put them in the ground or in a plant. 

    Enhance your meditation practice with these stones and be open to information they might reveal to you. 

    The stones can also be cleansed with the palo santo or sage.

    You can activate your stones by holding them and asking them to serve a particular purpose that is most helpful for you.

    For example:

    **Hold your Malachite and say "When working with this stone I am aligned with my heart's truth. All negativity leaves me and I am able to think clearly. Please help to activate and open my heart chakra with the purest vibration of unconditional love."