This kit includes a beautiful Rose Quartz Crystal, Ancestral Healing Tealight, and a stick of Palo Santo. A bundle of magic from one of our favorite spots in Asheville, NC. 


This Rose quartz is a lovely meditation tool. Hold the crystal in your hand until it gets hot to clear your energetic field while simultaneously healing with the vibration of unconditional love. Be sure to clean your crystal often bathing it by light of the sun or moon. 


The ancestral tea light will be most effective to burn in one sitting. We reccomend placing the tea light in a vase for fire safety. You might add it to your altar with a photograph or keep sake of an ancestor you feel connected with. 


Burn your palo santo to clear your space at any time. 



Ancestral Heart Healing Kit

  • Rose quartz is a calming stone for all matters of the heart. These rose quartz are the most powerful I have ever worked with. Embody the vibration of trust and compassion. A powerful stone to work with when forgiving yourself or another. Heal old wounds and grow the energetic capacity of your heart chakra.