Wild Intuitives Blog Post #1

Happy Equinox! I love the way a seasonal shift feels. Especially fall, bring on all the witchy vibes.

Lately I have been trying to strip away all the bull shit. Getting back to the core of myself and my authentic essence. I have fully embraced change, because it is ALL that happens these days. As soon as something feels comfortable the Universe shakes things up again.

Can we talk about Wild Intuitives??? What is even happening.... I honestly don't have words to describe how I feel about it. I am in awe right now. I feel like I've barely skimmed the surface of the potential behind it. I have SO MANY IDEAS. I have created a vibe and a vision that I fall in love with more and more every day. The whole thing feels spiritual. That being said I have had many opportunities to learn and grow. I feel this incredible support from the Universe, but in order to become fully in alignment with that energy I have to shed a few more layers of my old skin. The snake has shown up so strongly for me these past few months. A baby snake was poking its head out of the water right next to me in the river two weeks ago. I swear. I wasn't even scared "I just thought, hmm okay another snake has appeared. You should probably pay attention." Out growing the old, making space for the new.

Right now it is all about chopping wood and carrying water. I am doubling down on my self care. I am learning and reading about so much. This thing is a one woman show right now! I have awesome support and I LOVE the lab environment. We have such a low key special thing goin on. I feel lucky to be able to be so hands on with the CBD distillate and to learn about the hemp industry. I am in a hustle phase and I love it.

I want to create something conscious and beautiful. A space for healing however that is meant to look. For people who use the product to be reconnected to the most magical part of themselves. My intention is for the products to help bring harmony between body + spirit, to find voice in the heart rather than the mind.

There doesn't have to be something wrong with you to enjoy the benefits of CBD. CBD is a total luxury. It is a luxury I want to make affordable and accessible to anyone who feels called to incorporate it into their lives.


I went to Hot Springs North Carolina and had an intensely poetic and rejuvenating experience. For me, space + alone time are the two most important ingredients in my self care recipe. It is the only thing that doesn't fluctuate. After moving to a very stimulating city it has been confirmed, I am a highly sensitive person. I have always known this about myself, but I have had to learn how to navigate the day to day in a whole new way. When I lived on Nantucket I had a lot of space and time in nature to process my emotions. Being able to take that time for myself to be in the mountains with NOTHING on my agenda to decompress was such a gift! I believe healing comes in many many many forms. We are all so unique, I want Wild Intuitives to explore all things healing.

I have my intuition to thank for that trip to the mountains. My aunt and I had been planning a trip to celebrate her two year sobriety milestone. She suggested Chicago or New Orleans and that we could go in October. Until I got the message from spirit, one evening I was having a lot of anxiety and I started to tune in with myself and a message came through very clear "go to the mountains."

It turns out the weekend we chose fell on the actual date of her sobriety and we booked a cabin on the French Broad River. We sipped coffee in the morning listening to the river and taking in the morning light. I had the BEST massage at the Hot Springs Resort and Spa. I also did an hour long soak in hot mineral water, it completely exfoliates your skin. I found this INCREDIBLY therapeutic, my anxiety began to melt and my spirit was lifted.

I got lost on a hike and found help from some people I ran into on the Appalachian trail..... it was hilarious and terrifying, I definitely worked through some stuff on the mountain that day haha.... and note to self "no more solo hikes" for now.

I think my biggest take away was how incredible it felt to be COMPLETELY off the grid. Nada, not even a house phone lol. We didn't know there wasn't wifi until we got there. SUCH A GIFT. Spirit will always get you to where you need to be if you get out of the way and allow it. Which is something I totally struggle with. Letting go of control, and BOUNDARIES! Boundaries are so present right now. Respecting others, protecting my own.

I felt depressed leaving the mountains. I sat with the feeling and understood that it was there to show me how helpful a few days in mountains can be for my well being. My intuition came through on this to show me that there is something right here that is accessible to you and helpful for you. Don't be afraid to ask your soul what it needs! You never know what might come up and how the Universe might help you to get you what you need.


Right now I am totally in limbo. All of my routines are changing and the dust has not settled. I am not as grounded and flowing as I would like to be, but I do know what steps to take to get there. These are the things I am prioritizing and trying right now.

To be Magnetic, a manifestation guideline through subconscious reintegration around worth and deservingness. I started this work 7 months ago. WOW. All I have to say is don't rush through it and embrace the growing pains. I highly recommend this work for anyone looking to dig a little deeper, work on themselves, and learn the magic of manifesting! I listen to something once or twice a day and I love it. IG @tobemagnetic

CBD self massage at least 3 days a week.

Shopping and eating local, getting in touch with that farmers market lifestyle.

I went to a sound bath the other day at Haum. Rebecca is very gifted with the singing bowls. The vibration is incredibly therapeutic. This is something I am interested in doing more of. IG @haumnashville.

I have been missing this for the past few weeks, but one of my FAVORITE weekly self care treats is the $1.00 "Onement" guided meditation over at the Nashville Crystal Store with Attana at 1pm on Wednesdays. It is powerful and grounding. That place is pure magic. I have also been lucky to experience some powerful healing work with Amanda Dunn. IG @healingthecollective.

When I moved to Nashville I found a spa called OSHO Collective. I have had several sessions with Gabrielle Caldwell, she and her husband own OSHO. She is incredibly gifted at navigating ancestral healing. She is so chill and real. I recommend any service at OSHO. All of my experiences have been helpful and luxurious. IG @oshocollective.

I have taken a step back from teaching yoga for the month of September and it is incredibly refreshing. I did not have to the energy to teach and do everything for the business. Right now I am focusing on my personal practice and asking for guidance from spirit about what my next teaching experience is meant to look like.

I am not being paid to plug any of this. I share to inspire and shine the light in a lit up direction.


I am craving lots of alone time. I can't wait to hibernate this fall and winter. I want simple and beautiful. Time to daydream, write poetry, and create. To give my whole heart to Wild Intuitives and offer new things. Learning how to embody the energy of letting go. not hold on to experiences or people as if there won't be more. Observing life from a cozy seat inside my heart.

Let us keep peeling back layers so all that remains is MAGIC.

I went to the mountains

and I spoke with a witch

where the black bird sings

and the small snakes hiss

she assured me of truth

and what was to come

by the turn of the moon

and the light from the sun

remember your magic

from inside your heart

with the words that you speak

your life can restart

from the very first time

you walked on the Earth

you looked to the stars

to remember your worth



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